A variety of female-focused workouts that encompass the entire body, for a complete workout. Cardio, strength, flexibility.
We have created specialized and proprietary EnVie Fitness Signature Zone workouts that follow specific heart rate zones. This allows for a fully customizable experience for each member based on her age, fitness level and goals.

EnVie Fitness also offers the best of your favorite classes, but in a safe, comfortable a fun environment. Choose from  yoga, barre, circuit, pilates, boxing and more.

Now licensing everywhere, EnVie Fitness provides a business opportunity to fitness professionals who thought that being part of a large company was outside of their means.

Based in Greenvale, Victoria EnVie Fitness can help any fitness enthusiast begin the business of their dreams!

Why EnVie Fitness

…because EnVie Fitness is the best Women’s Fitness Program you will find. At EnVie Fitness, we believe that the only person that matters is YOU. Everything we do is aimed at helping you become better. Not for anyone else. For you. Better workouts, better community, better business, better goals…at EnVie Fitness, life is better.

Female Gym

At EnVie Fitness you’ll find a comfortable place for women. No more self-conscious dash across the weights room or working out in a fish bowl! Even the newest exercisers will feel comfortable in our friendly community of like-minded women. The variety of workout options are suitable for beginner to advanced fitness levels and progress with you to keep you challenged.

Kids’ Corner

Our studios are kid-friendly making it easy for you to schedule exercise into your day. Suitable for kids ages 3 months to 12 years, our kids’ corner has lots of toys and books to keep your child occupied. You can now fit a workout into your day and watch your child play from the gym floor. *Available at participating studios

Extended Hours and Secure Access

EnVie Fitness studios offer extended hours that fit your schedule. We understand that sometimes you need a little extra time to fit everything into your day so we made our studios open from 5am to 10pm, 7 days a week.

We hold security with the upmost importance. Integrated access and security surveillance ensures each gym is safe and secure for all members. Each member will receive a personal access card that monitors their entry and we even offer in studio personal safety devices, in the form of lanyards, to allow for one-touch access to emergency care.

Train Together

EnVie Fitness Signature classes are designed to be fun and are included in your membership. We offer a variety of classes including yoga, pilates, boot camps, circuits and more. Each session is instructed by experienced trainers, facilitated to allow you to work at your own intensity. Best of all we’ll provide all the motivation needed to get the most from the time you have available in a friendly group environment.

Personal Training

Feel and see a difference in weeks with Personal Training. We take pride in helping you be the best you can be. Through the knowledge and friendly support of our trainers we help you achieve things you never thought possible of yourself. Ask us about our affordable kick start package to get you well on the way to your personal best.

Small Group Training is also available. It’s fun, affordable and gives you that little bit extra accountability from your friends and fellow EnVie women.

Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology: All our members are equipped with personal heart rate monitoring technology via MyZone. This allows you to view intensity levels and calories burned via the in-studio display screens during each workout and via our personalised smart phone app. Regardless of fitness level, all members are measured based on their relative effort using “exertion points”, allowing an even playing field to challenge yourself while still keeping workouts fun and interactive.

Friendly Support

We offer help when you need it; our personable trainers are standing by to answer questions, offer educational advice and ongoing support to all members. Our trainers will monitor your progress with regular check points. Your self-improvement, self-confidence and results are what drive the EnVie Fitness trainers every day.