There are no classes scheduled for this studio on this day.

Boxing – 45min class involving boxing combinations &amp body weight exercises. Great high intense workout!

Cardio X– Athletic training class featuring cardio, cardio, cardio! Will challenge your fitness levels and bring them to a whole new level!

Fitball Express – 30min Express Class utilising a fit ball to help improve overall strength, flexibility and stability.

E30 OR E45– Results Based Training/ Cross training – a 30 min or 45min circuit combining all components of fitness. Suitable for all fitness levels Glutes, Core & More- A combination of glute and core exercises aimed to develop a strong mid-section.

Pilates– Floor based class. The cues &amp corrections of each class will increase your postural & muscular awareness

Burn & Tone 45– 45min strength class utilising free weights, bands, steps & bodyweight exercises. Helps build overall body strength.

Kettlebell Express– 30 min full body kettlebell class. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Teen Gym– Exercise component designed for girls aged 13-18years old.

HIIT 30– Intense 30-minute circuit session that will work the WHOLE body.

Pure Strength– Weight Training specific for females. Combination of weights and body weight exercises aimed to build overall strength.